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Professor Fiona Stanley AC

Chair, Alcohol Advertising Review Board

Dear Prof Stanley,

Last year, I used your online form to lodge a complaint about a motorised, rotating billboard at the intersection of Brunton Avenue and Punt Rd, Richmond that declares that alcohol does not cause violent behaviour, rather violent people are responsible. I explained that the ad had been there for at least 12 months and that it had been placed by the Nightclub Owners’ Association of Victoria, a dubious organisation headed by a convicted criminal, who was relieved by another criminal whilst the first was in jail.

The website of this Association masquerades as a public resource for scientific research papers on the links between alcohol and violence but the papers present on the site are predominantly opinion pieces rather than peer reviewed journal papers and frankly, they are utter garbage, better characterised as propaganda. They repeatedly deny any link between excessive alcohol consumption and violence and denigrate those claiming the opposite.

I received no response to my submitted complaint, despite including a photograph of the billboard. Of course, I noted that the AARB has no statutory authority whatsoever and is essentially ignored by the all powerful Alcohol/Hotel industry, who don’t even seem to desire to create the illusion that they care about the adverse societal impact of their constant breaching of the alcohol advertising code of conduct. In my opinion, the formality and seriousness of your organisation’s quarterly reports is highly likely to mislead the public into assuming that you do have some clout but are treading lightly, rather than the outrageous reality of an industry escaping the long overdue regulation and oversight it requires, via a well established strategy of large political donations to co-operative governments and constant repetition of a mantra of lies and distortions regarding the extremely harmful drug, from whose sale they are legally entitled to amass huge profits.

I believe that the AARB should be naming and loudly shaming both the advertisers and the governments that accept the industry’s bribes. The AARB should demand that the government apply the same strategies that have succeeded with cigarettes, namely smart regulatory measures and a long term goal of steady reduction in consumption via community education. Australian Drug and Alcohol Policy is a dismal failure, criminalising a generation of young Australians by the long proven disastrous strategy of prohibition of arbitrarily proscribed substances that when combined, cause around 10% of the total substance related morbidity and mortality of Alcohol!

I want to hear the AARB clamouring for statutory powers to force the alcohol industry to comply with tough advertising regulations, rather than continue operating as a limp-wristed mirage that blows smoke at the alcohol industry juggernaut, provides cover for disingenuous governments and is as effective as being hit with a feather duster.

No wonder clinicians like me, dealing with the human costs of alcohol every day, are so cynical and so frustrated – hence my passion – in stark contrast to the AARB’s bland reports.

Yours Sincerely,






America has 34,000 handgun deaths per year. Nearly 20,000 of those are suicide. Then add hunting accidents & Longarm deaths generally and you have as many people dying by gunshot as by motor vehicle accident. In short, a catastrophe! Increased availability of guns = greater likelihood of using guns! It’s simple really. 100 million handguns in circulation = most citizens are within 50 feet of a gun!

Australia – very strict gun laws, even criminals have a hard time getting guns! 280 homicides per year for the entire country, with fewer than 5 handgun deaths amongst them. Suicide rate – much lower than U.S. and most common method is overdose of prescription drugs. Many attempted suicides are saved after overdose. In the U.S., attempted suicide by gunshot is almost always irreversible!

Conclusion: Americans, stop arguing about the obvious! Look at the stats in every country with tight gun controls. It’s a stupid debate that only has losers. If you don’t get serious about gun control, close to 50,000 Americans will die a gun related death EVERY YEAR! And you know what that is? Crazy!!


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New Yorker Magazine: My Comment to Article by Johnathan Chait:

You were not wrong in supporting the removal of Sadaam Hussein but America’s use of the fear of WMD’s was foolish & dishonest in the extreme. How much more historically accurate & entirely justifiable would it have been to explain to the public that Hussein’s ruling Ba’ath Party originated as a replica of the National Socialist Party, the Nazis, after the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem fled British mandated Palestine & travelled to Berlin to pay homage to Hitler. After providing a Muslim Battalion to Hitler that was put to use exterminating the Serbian resistance with the help of their Muslim Croatian brethren, the Grand Mufti was indicted in absentia at Nuremberg, only to escape to Cairo with his right hand man, Sadaam Hussein’s Uncle, one of the founders of the Ba’ath Party & an avid Nazi admirer & supporter. Sadaam’s Uncle modelled the Party’s constitution & methods of governance on the Nazi Party & Sadaam maintained this legacy throughout his rule, right down to having his own bloody version of the “Night of the Long Knives” at the commencement of the Coup with which he stole power from the legitimate government of Iraq. In one black session, over 60 Parliamentarians were marched out of the Parliamentary chamber, across the road to a prison & summarily executed, with Sadaam himself insisting on his active participation in the murders, a scene that was repeated frequently throughout his dictatorship. He had not been without his pistols since becoming an assassin for his Uncle & the Party at 17yrs of age.

Mr Chait, Sadaam Hussein was a vicious, irredeemable psychopath, best characterised as a serial killer with a job description that fitted him perfectly. The people of Iraq had been pleading for his removal for decades, to no avail. Bush & Blair could have used the factual historical record & taken the higher moral ground in removing a malignant tumour who personally murdered hundreds of opponents. Stop apologising! As a Forensic Psychiatrist, I can assure you that everything about Sadaam Hussein pointed to a very high level of ongoing dangerousness, grandiosity & impulsivity. He would have gone on killing, torturing & destroying till the day he died & AT ANY TIME, he could have come after Americans in horrific, deadly , indiscriminate attacks.


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Schapelle Corby – A severely ill Australian betrayed by her Government

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I sent this letter to Minister Bob Carr on 07/03/2013:

Dear Minister Carr,

I am a 55yr old Psychiatrist with 32yrs experience as a doctor. I am writing simply to implore you to examine the psychiatric opinion that Dr Jonathan Phillips, former President of the RANZCP, wrote after he had examined Schapelle Corby in jail on Bali. He was so concerned with her psychotic mental state and her grim prognosis that he advised repatriation to Australia as the only hope of avoiding permanent mental incapacity. We now know conclusively that chronic psychosis causes substantial and permanent brain damage, especially to the deeper, sub-cortical areas of the brain, where more subtle but vital cognitive skills have their origin. As seen in chronic Schizophrenia, sufferers of this sort of damage eventually become empty shells, their very essence lost forever. Minister Carr, I sense growing distress in the community regarding Ms Corby and the unwillingness of successive Australian Governments to urgently petition Indonesia to transfer her to hospital in Australia for intensive treatment and lengthy psychiatric rehabilitation. My reading of all the documents available to the public leads me to conclude that she is an innocent victim of the open drug portal that Australia’s airports have become under the universally failed policies of Prohibition but, none of that matters in comparison to the real humanitarian issue that exists in her case. I predict that without your urgent plea for compassion, this poor young woman will come home in 4 years looking a shrivelled shadow of her former self, a sight so pitiable that the image will be seared into the public’s memory as a shocking example of Government failure to protect Australian citizens overseas, even when they are severely mentally ill and undergoing nightmarish conditions from which they are unlikely to ever recover. Minister, you have only been in your position a short time and you are clearly not responsible for her plight but there is now no-one else to whom I can direct this medical plea. Another four years of incarceration in that hell-hole is likely to lead to Ms Corby requiring long term institutional or highly supervised community residential care and in the eyes of most Australians, makes her overall punishment grossly disproportionate, cruel and most definitely inhumane. In the name of the mentally ill everywhere, please save Ms Corby before the individual she was is totally consumed by her mental disease.

Yours Faithfully, Dr Jerome Gelb Consultant Psychiatrist (Qualified in Psychiatry 1989)

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