Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, comments like these recently attributed to you,

“Government MP Jason Woodforth last week said he’d rather spend the rest of his life taking the banned performance-enhancing substance IGF-1 than drink fluoridated water.”

are causing Australia international embarrassment, as foreign scientists, researchers, dentists & dental organisations discuss your shocking display of ignorance with incredulity.

It’s not just that a State MP holds a view consigned to the dumpster of history by mountains of research evidence, collected over decades, it’s that you clearly have never learned how to find & review the published research (over 22,000 studies on Flouridation) & analyse the findings.

Worse still, rather than keeping quiet when your ignorance is revealed, you continue to proclaim your delusional ideas publicly, leading to other ignorant citizens believing you, because of your position. If only they knew that you are just so wrong, so conned by pseudoscientific conspiracy theories.

Dentists knew that Flouridation would greatly reduce cavities, reducing their pool of work substantially. They nonetheless promoted Flouridation tirelessly. All of us who recall the preflouride days & all those cavities, have seen our kids sail through with far fewer dental problems or visits. And studies show no significant harms have been found at greater than placebo rates. So where are all these people poisoned by fluoride? Where’s the science…….not fictional anecdotes Mr Woodforth! You should be ashamed to scaremonger. Stop it now, do your background research properly or just shut up before you hurt people.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Jerome Gelb


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