Drug Info Alert 14th February 2013

My comments:

Congratulations on today’s Druginfo Alert & on the decision to flag the fact that we must ensure that the field is informed of trends & developments using an evidence based paradigm, rather than allowing politics & ideology to pollute the health agenda. Your provision of links to leading organisations in drug policy development & reform is particularly helpful.

After 10 yrs in action, Portuguese policy changes have proven a great success & have been extended a further 8yrs. Meanwhile, our politicians have expressed strong opposition to even considering, any reform that diverges even slightly from the rigid, punitive dogma of prohibition.

Even personal approaches to politicians seeking discussion of the issues is seen as unwelcome & the few replies that I have received emphasise that the status quo is considered inadequate & that if funds were available, much increased law enforcement would be successful. Perhaps the adf will have greater success in convincing the pollies that their approach is doomed to fail & that some lateral thinking is required.

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