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Dear Sir,

Unfortunately, comments like these recently attributed to you,

“Government MP Jason Woodforth last week said he’d rather spend the rest of his life taking the banned performance-enhancing substance IGF-1 than drink fluoridated water.”

are causing Australia international embarrassment, as foreign scientists, researchers, dentists & dental organisations discuss your shocking display of ignorance with incredulity.

It’s not just that a State MP holds a view consigned to the dumpster of history by mountains of research evidence, collected over decades, it’s that you clearly have never learned how to find & review the published research (over 22,000 studies on Flouridation) & analyse the findings.

Worse still, rather than keeping quiet when your ignorance is revealed, you continue to proclaim your delusional ideas publicly, leading to other ignorant citizens believing you, because of your position. If only they knew that you are just so wrong, so conned by pseudoscientific conspiracy theories.

Dentists knew that Flouridation would greatly reduce cavities, reducing their pool of work substantially. They nonetheless promoted Flouridation tirelessly. All of us who recall the preflouride days & all those cavities, have seen our kids sail through with far fewer dental problems or visits. And studies show no significant harms have been found at greater than placebo rates. So where are all these people poisoned by fluoride? Where’s the science…….not fictional anecdotes Mr Woodforth! You should be ashamed to scaremonger. Stop it now, do your background research properly or just shut up before you hurt people.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Jerome Gelb



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My comment in JWire:
Jerome says:


Well said Paul Winter! Very few “experts” seem to possess more than a cursory knowledge of the devious psychopath, Amin el-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem & the instigator of the Arab uprising in the last few years of the British Mandate that cost over 2000 Arab lives for no gain & from which el-Husseini escaped like a rat fleeing a sinking ship. This so called man of God, fled to Italy, where after failing to impress Mussolini, he travelled on to Germany, where he befriended Himmler in order to gain an audience with Hitler. Seeing el-Husseini for the slimy sycophant that he was, Hitler met with el-Husseini but once, during which he pledged to allow el-Husseini to lead the Arabs under Nazi stewardship, in return for el-Husseini’s unsolicited offer to partner the Nazis in exterminating all Jews living in the Arab world. Not content with that offer, el-Husseini organised & donated a regiment of Muslim soldiers to the Nazi’s genocidal operations in the Balkans, where his barbarian troops competed with Nazi “action groups” for the position of most brutal & murderous.

At war’s end, with a cell reserved for him at Nuremberg, el Husseini escaped once again & made his way to Egypt, where he was granted asylum & from where he facilitated the flight from Justice of hundreds of mid to high level Nazis to Egypt, where they lived out their lives untouched & unpunished. If that’s not sufficient cause to revile this man, so revered to this day by the “palestinians”, el Husseini was so enamoured with National Socialism’s ideals & organisational structure, that he promoted its incorporation into the foundation of the Ba’ath Party, together with his loyal right hand man, Sadaam Hussein’s Uncle, future leader of the fledgling Ba’ath Party that would gestate in Tikrit, Iraq & spawn the monstrous murderer & sadistic serial killer, Sadaam Hussein. This group of men, wanted war criminals & vicious psychopaths, saw potential in the 16yr old Sadaam & put him to work initially as a debt collector & enforcer but by 18yrs of age, Sadaam’s love of killing, particularly when it involved torture & degradation of indescribable depravity, had become folkloric in Tikrit & he was promoted to the role of chief assassin for the Ba’ath Party, a job he loved & one he was never to abandon, still participating personally in the execution of prisoners right up until his flight from Baghdad. He retained the organisational structure of the Nazis throughout his dictatorship & even copied Hitler’s “Night of the Long Knives”, by executing all opposing members of Iraq’s parliament at the commencement of the Coup that brought him to power.

Today’s palestinians passionately study & attempt to emulate their hero, Amin el-Husseini, a Nazi if ever there was one. That is the true nature of Israel’s enemy & we must never allow our fellow Jews to forget this history, for it provides the context for Israel’s determination to survive & to ignore all attempts to force it to soften it’s stance, to concede, to negotiate away hard won gains or to compromise on its core purpose in existing:- to be the sole homeland of the Jewish people, to protect & nurture our people & to ensure that in the never ending struggle of good versus evil, acknowledged by believers & atheists alike as a fundamental & eternal human challenge, good will prevail, as embodied in the continued presence of a thriving Jewish population in Israel, the ancestral & rightful home of the Jews.




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Drug Info Alert 14th February 2013

My comments:

Congratulations on today’s Druginfo Alert & on the decision to flag the fact that we must ensure that the field is informed of trends & developments using an evidence based paradigm, rather than allowing politics & ideology to pollute the health agenda. Your provision of links to leading organisations in drug policy development & reform is particularly helpful.

After 10 yrs in action, Portuguese policy changes have proven a great success & have been extended a further 8yrs. Meanwhile, our politicians have expressed strong opposition to even considering, any reform that diverges even slightly from the rigid, punitive dogma of prohibition.

Even personal approaches to politicians seeking discussion of the issues is seen as unwelcome & the few replies that I have received emphasise that the status quo is considered inadequate & that if funds were available, much increased law enforcement would be successful. Perhaps the adf will have greater success in convincing the pollies that their approach is doomed to fail & that some lateral thinking is required.

Kind Regards,



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The link above began a discussion on the new site & I replied with the following:

The elimination of ignorance is indeed crucial but provision of information is itself problematic. The proliferation of massive amounts of freely available information on the Internet has provided unprecedented opportunities to both be informed & misled. Even for those schooled in scientific method, judging the quality of research is hampered by research misconduct & the failure of self-regulation to admit the extent of the problem or deal with it decisively. The assessment of evidence quality is a noble idea but in practice, lacks the tools required for the job. A good start would be mandatory lodging of all raw data underpinning research publications into a publicly accessible data repository, so that published analyses could be “fact checked”. Peer review of papers without raw data is frankly useless. Publication of withheld research must also be mandated, as currently 50% of research findings are withheld for pecuniary reasons. This black hole denies science from exerting its “self-correcting” function. To achieve the ability to accurately inform, the biggest obstacles are egocentrism, proprietorship over knowledge & reputation management over honesty. Deal with these issues & vastly improve the reliability of information & public trust will likely follow, with a consequent reduction in ignorance, an understanding of the importance of evidence in underpinning ones beliefs & hopefully, the development of a culture of rational debate, backed by evidence, rather than ideologically driven angry diatribes!

Data withholding and the next generation of scientists: results of a national survey. Vogeli C, Yucel R, Bendavid E, Jones LM, Anderson MS, Louis KS, Campbell EG. Acad Med. 2006 Feb;81(2):128-36.


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Here is my comment:
The vast bulk of journal revenue comes from advertising & institutional sales, both to libraries & to academic departments. Institutional subscriptions cost thousands of dollars per subscription but that affords access to students & academics who cannot pay $35 per published paper to stay current in their fields. The reason why all papers should be free to at least read, is that recently in increased scrutiny of published, peer-reviewed research has revealed far more research fraud & misconduct, than ever suspected. Rigged results, faked references, non-independent or false peer-reviewers, competing conflicts of interest, are rife & the detection of misconduct attracts very little funding or interest. High impact factor journals attract more misconduct & fraud due to their power & prestige & like Universities, engage in reputation management in policing fraud & misconduct. Ope n source publishing is spreading exponentially but along with rapid growth has come the familiar reputation management & reluctance to discuss, let alone retract, flawed publications. Peer reviewers, journal editors & readers never get to examine de-identified raw data & experts believe that this has led to a false sense of security that it’s only “a few bad apples” who eventually get found out anyway. Nothing could be further from the truth! Behind the scenes, lies a bloody battleground, as researchers clamour to be published at all costs……including at the cost of publishing fakery. The establishment of toothless research integrity organisations has had almost no effect on the publication of false or misleading research as once again, raw data remains hidden. Change is happening BUT requires the use of several lines of attack in order that we can trust the veracity of what we read. Mandatory deposit of all Raw Data into freely accessible data repositories is essential & has already begun to be implemented in some areas. When peer reviewers cannot get to see & scrutinise raw data, their conclusions must be suspect & incomplete. Moves are afoot in several locations to legislate to include research fraud & misconduct under the criminal code, with appropriate criminal code penalties, just like those for fraud in other arenas of life. Far too much published research isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and therefore should definitely not have to be purchased to read. On the contrary, being published should be seen as a privilege, an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to one’s field & to humanity. Proper, commercially independent funding of research & researchers should be seen by governments & communities as a crucial investment in future security & prosperity & rather than allowing its corruption by ego, avarice & the almighty dollar, ethical, honestly produ ced & published research, should be treated as a precious community asset for all to access, enjoy, learn & benefit from.
Jerome Gelb —— 2013-02-11 21:52:16

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