Jerome Gelb
Here’s an example Rodney, of how upset I get over the needless suffering of others, when facts were known & were deliberately ignored. Schapelle Corby had Mick Keelty testify that there was “no evidence” of corruption within Customs or Baggage Handling at Sydney Airport. His testimony was given 2 weeks prior to raids & arrests at Sydney Airport for that very reason. Mick Keelty knew of the long running operations that were investigating the very corruption he denied…..to the terrible detriment of Corby. Why has he not been charged with perjury? Why has he not been called to answer why he sacrificed Corby? Was it for operational considerations at the time? Who gave him the authority to act this way? Why have successive governments avoided taking Indonesia on over this matter? Is it for fear of embarrassing indonesia?
I don’t know BUT i have read several books on the Corby case & the Corby website has thousands of pages of FOI documents which leave me with NO DOUBT that she was set-up & must be freed! I’m not an expert on her case but I’m prepared to back her over politicians & public servants whose conflicts of interest in this case remain undeclared.


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