• Jerome Gelb It’s impossible to deploy forces to guard schools because of the tiny number of massacres & the huge number of schools! The cost alone would bankrupt the nation! There are nearly 133,000 K-12 schools in the U.S. & there is no reliable predictor of target. Each school (what about Colleges & Universities & Technical Colleges etc, etc) would require at least a team or two of 2-3 officers just to cover Marked exits & entrances, let alone the entire perimeter fencing. Before you know it, you would need another force the same size as the US ARMED SERVICES!!!! There are only 500,000 Police in the US, so they can’t be used either. The whole idea is wrong headed anyway! Massacres are perpetrated by misfits, loners, mentally ill, adolescents & young adults, whose eccentricity is already well known in their communities BUT WHOSE ISOLATION & SOCIAL REJECTION, make them all but invisible!!! They have very few if any friends & those they do have are just like them! They will always slip under the radar, just like they slip beneath the radar of their doctors & even parents. Stop them buying guns????? THEY DON’T BUY GUNS!! They use their parents’ guns in almost every case!!! They WON’t be getting background checks either for the same reason. All the gnashing of teeth & the wringing of hands is too little too late!! America had its chance 100yrs ago to carefully monitor gun acquisition, to mandate controls & training requirements that might have prevented the accumulation of the huge arsenal of personal firearms currently in nearly every home in the U.S. & to avoid the wide disparities between rich & poor & between races that might have led to a fairer system, a Justice System with a level playing field & a nation with far fewer angry, disenfranchised, frustrated, vengeful, marginalised & alienated people who hate the world & themselves & lack the decency, compassion & empathy required to stop us all killing ourselves & those around us who piss us off!!!!

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