How terrible to realise that government blackmail & extortion have succeeded in cowering the medical profession in Australia as it has in the UK & elsewhere. I don’t misuse the language, for what are threats of prosecution, ruination & suspension for pursuing independence in one’s career, other than standover, extortion & gangsterism in the fabricated guise of ensuring the public good. 
The profession united would never be so defeated & I for one am sickened by the traitors in our midst who seem so easily bought by the prospect of wielding power within the profession & advancing their circumstances. These turncoats betray public trust that doctors will stand up for their health & so betray the very philosophical underpinnings of doctoring. 
The obvious answer is the one constantly rejected by the profession’s cowardly & self-serving leadership…….organise the 80,000 strong medical workforce & refuse to play ball with government. Boycott the devaluation of our vocation & the attempts to force us into a weak & easily manipulated flock of sheep, kept in check by a few dogs snapping at our heels! I’ve witnessed 31yrs of corrosive disunity hand the heart of our profession to politicians, panels, boards & corporations, all for absolutely no public good. The same waiting times in ED, the same beds in corridors, fatal delays of ambulances, restricted availability of medications…..the list is long! The time for meaningless debate is long over, the future of our central role as deliverers of science based high quality health care to our fellow citizens is under the greatest threat in Australia’s history. Failure to prevent government from continuing to covertly implement their plan to introduce cheaper substitutes to perform our functions & to reduce the remaining doctors to a vestigial tail, able to be docked at the government’s pleasure, will destroy the most profound components, the so called “deep structure” of Medicine & risks forever diminishing its power to advance, to amaze, to inspire & ultimately, to heal. Please awaken colleagues & cease debating the process of shuffling the Titanic’s deckchairs! It’s truly time to man the lifeboats & abandon ship!!

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