Psychiatry bashing – a common pastime!

Below is my response to a post on “The Conversation” Blog stating that Psychiatrists turn everyone into zombies & that psychiatric illnesses are “made up”.

“What rubbish Ian! You clearly have no idea what “modern psychiatry” is about or the fact that modern psychiatric drugs are far less side-effect prone than ever before in the history of psychopharmacology. Medication in private practice is used sparingly & my colleagues & I spend thousands of hours a year listening, counselling, debating & empathising with the real human beings we see. I see my own psychiatrist for PTSD following life-threatening trauma. Don’t tell me that psychiatric illnesses are “made up”. Spend a week in my shoes experiencing the hyperarousal & anxiety attacks that require my attention virtually daily. My medication helps greatly but the most effective & rapid intervention is raising my CO2 levels by rebreathing expired air. In 5mins the hyperventilation switches off & I can proceed with my working day. The mind & brain are one & every brain function is mediated by neurotransmitters. Genes determine much of how our brains function & within 10-15yrs, most of the psychiatric illnesses will be unravelled & their specific causes determined, right down to the gene defects involved. Your claims of made up illnesses are going to look very ignorant & biased then, I predict.”


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