Another letter to the Victorian Premier

Dear Premier
Are Victorians considered unable to have a mature debate on these issues? 
Do you really believe that anything whatsoever is gained by criminalising tens of thousands of our youth for possessing cannabis, whilst legislators, judges, lawyers & all those who formulate & implement prohibition, boast of the contents of their wine cellars & quaff aperitifs & cocktails with impunity?
Democratic principles mandate a re-examination of your drug policies, preferably with a bipartisan structure that nullifies political point scoring on the issue. In jurisdictions where such an approach has been used, it has proven highly successful in producing reform. 
Portugal’s crime rate has fallen over 70% since decriminalisation 10yrs ago & none of the doomsayers predictions proved correct. Victoria’s crime rate is up again & unless the stats are fiddled, you have no effective response available. That’s a fact – increasing Police numbers, increasing penalties etc, have all been proven useless. Imagine your popularity if the crime rate can be greatly reduced by implementing part or all of Portugal’s scientifically proven successful reforms. The pathway has even been constructed…….it can be emulated! 
Once again, I request some acknowledgement that my correspondence has been read. As I make the effort to write, please allow someone amongst your staff to discuss these issues with me. After all, I treat the citizens that Victorian law incarcerates & then releases without adequate rehabilitation. It’s incumbent on me to point out to you that your strategies re these people have failed & that the current revolving door corrections nightmare is a black stain on our human rights record.
Surely, someone in Government has the courage to talk about these issues with an highly qualified physician, with decades of experience. I’d welcome the opportunity to learn about the evidence base that underpins your policy settings, because I cannot seem to be able to discover it for myself in the usual places. 
I’ll bring my factual sources to the table & let your staff verify them. I’m simply asking for your advisers to do the same.
Kind Regards,

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