Please Put Your Political Point-Scoring Aside & Get Smart on Crime, Rather than “Tough on Crime”

The Hon. Premier
Dear Sir,

Below is a link to a video of an experienced Californian Superior Court Judge, making the case for the legalisation of Cannabis & it’s control & regulation by the State.

Please listen to the information he is imparting & recognise that there is broad consensus on these facts as having been scientifically proven.

I have asked you to engage with me on this issue but apart from your initial response, which I responded to promptly, I have only received form letters from your staff. I am a 54yr old Psychiatrist & I have never smoked cannabis. I smoked a couple of cigarettes in front of my parents, at their insistence, when I was 12yrs old and hated it and I rarely drink. I am an highly trained & experienced medical specialist. Can I ask why you would choose not to talk with me, even completely informally, about addiction & the failure of the legal system to successfully manage this problem. I have extensive experience psychiatrically assessing offenders of all types & providing reports to the courts in Qld, NSW & Victoria. I was at Junee Jail on Thursday, once again hearing disaster after disaster of people’s lives shattered by the inability to receive treatment for their addictions, when their illness causes them to offend again to gain access to the drug they crave. Once in jail, only one simplistic course is offered & no psychotherapy or expert pharmacotherapy can be obtained.

I also happen to have been a Liberal voter all my adult life & I have strongly advocated for Liberal principles to anyone whose faulty logic or wishful thinking causes them to support the other team. Surely Mr Premier, Sir, you must by now wish to avoid confining your thinking to outdated hypotheses & continue to incarcerate dope users. If you would like to even have a brief chat, you would at least discover that I’m genuine in my desire to put an end to the numerous biopsychosocial losses incurred by Victorians with substance abuse and that I’m not in any way difficult to talk with!

By the way, I’m a very busy person & don’t wish to waste your time or mine.

Yours sincerely,

Consultant Psychiatrist


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